Converge Technology Solutions, Corp.

In 2018

Becker-Carroll became part of the Converge Technology Solutions corporate family.

Converge Technology Solutions Corp. is building a platform of regionally focused IT infrastructure firms in the US and Canada to connect best-of-breed services and solutions with clients who need them. The company also maintains strategic relationships with key industry leaders that complement and strengthen its product and service offerings.

As part of the Converge corporate family, Becker-Carroll is uniquely positioned to extend and support its Digital Transformation Consulting (DTC) services and solution designs with enterprise-class IT expertise that remains foundational to everything digital, including:

  • Software Application Solutions

  • Data Storage

  • Big Data

  • Mobile

  • Systems Integration

  • Network Design

Portfolio of Companies

  • BlueChipTek

    BlueChipTek delivers seamless integration of industry tools using deep functional expertise to support execution for organizations ranging from startup to enterprise in scale. Their expertise and insight give them an unparalleled understanding of the dynamic nature of the technology landscape and the complexity involved in using technology to deliver real value and impact.

  • SIS

    SIS is a nationally-recognized, leading technology and managed IT solutions provider helping clients design, optimize and support mission-critical assets. Regionally-focused teams across the country solve challenges and design solutions, leaving time for clients to devote resources to core business strategies. SIS’ proven methodology, experienced professionals and innovative technologies provide top quality IT service.

  • Nordisk Systems

    Nordisk Systems is a leading technology solution provider with over three decades of experience in the industry. Since founded in 1983, Nordisk is committed to relieving its customers’ technology burdens, with the ability to architect visionary infrastructure that solves immediate needs while focusing to achieve future business initiatives.

  • Datatrend Technologies

    Datatrend delivers IT solutions to help organizations leverage technology to drive business outcomes. By delivering technology infrastructure solutions from the data center to the edge of the network, we make IT matter for your business. We do this by providing planning, design, implementation, integration, and project management for next generation data centers, cloud environments, multi-site

  • Northern Micro

    Northern Micro is Ottawa’s premier provider of Information Technology hardware creating IT solutions that solve unique business challenges. Highly-trained experts coupled with focused partnerships with the biggest names in the industry form the foundation on which Northern Micro is built.

  • Corus360

    Corus360 is an innovative solutions company that empowers organizations to build, transition, and ultimately transform their environments to reach desired outcomes through seamless resilience, selecting the right people, and implementing ideal technologies.

  • Key Information Systems

    Key Information Systems, Inc. is a leading systems integrator, furnishing clients with world-class compute, storage, and networking solutions, as well as professional services designed for even the most advanced software-defined data centers. These offerings are complimented by a full suite of data center capabilities, including private and hybrid cloud solutions, connectivity services, collocation facilities, and managed services.

  • Lighthouse Computer Services

    Lighthouse is an award winning IT firm with a track record of delivering comprehensive solutions in the areas of analytics, hybrid cloud, infrastructure, and security. We help their clients solve IT challenges by providing on-site support, fostering long-term relationships, and gaining deep knowledge of their client’s environments to help them ensure long-term success.

  • Essextec

    Essextec is an award winning, technology innovation firm with intellectually curious and extremely highly skilled teams. We help organizations solve their significant technology and business challenges by applying innovative Cloud, Cognitive, and Cybersecurity technologies.

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