Leadership Team

Navigating Today’s Technical Landscape

The road to solving technical problems is difficult to navigate and fraught with perils. These are our drivers, who have proven themselves capable of steering organizations towards success.

  • Bruce Levis Co-founder & Managing Partner

    Bruce has over twenty-five years of experience in operations, marketing, and selling technical solutions to the public sector. He possesses a deep understanding of public sector contracting in the areas of hardware, managed services, software, and professional services.

  • Gregory Natran Partner, Information Management Practice

    With almost twenty years of experience in the areas of public sector enterprise digital service delivery, identity management, and content management, Gregory is well-equipped to handle a wide range of customer needs. Much of his practice is focused in the field of government service, and he is currently the main contributor to the Digital Identity and Access Council of Canada’s (DIACC) standard for defining a “verified organization.”

  • Erika MacPhee VP Service Delivery

    Erika has been leading IT service delivery teams serving both public and private sector clients for over 15 years. As Vice President Service Delivery for Becker-Carroll, she oversees all aspects of project delivery - from ideation to implementation. Prior to Becker-Carroll, Erika performed similar roles for Bell Security Solutions and Once Corporation while overseeing enterprise-class implementations related to digital identity for Government of Canada departments and agencies. Erika is on the Board of Directors for Montreal's West Island Mission.

  • George Watt Partner, Strategy and Innovation Practice

    A transformative leader, George has spearheaded initiatives that have enabled businesses and global enterprises to address complex technology problems, deliver new business benefits, and drive millions of dollars in savings and productivity gains. He has delivered innovations of his own such as a knowledge base for a neural network-based predictive performance management solution, one of the earliest private clouds (2005), and a lightweight event management agent. As VP of Strategy for a multi-billion dollar technology company he was responsible for global scientific research, worldwide innovation initiatives, and the design and operation of an innovative accelerator program. George is co-author of "The Innovative CIO" and "Lean Entrepreneurship".

Liz GensheimerExecutive Team