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Digital Privacy: Why We Need Clear Notice & Consent Protocols and Trust Frameworks

Read the fine print When was the last time you read the full terms of service or privacy policy for an app? Have you ever read them? When you received notice they changed, did you read the new ones? If you read them, did they give you clear insight into the amount and type of

The Importance of Digital Hygiene

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is broadening globally, both the private sector and the public sector have taken action to address its public health impact and to dampen its effect on the quality of life of their citizens and employees. What has been encouraging is how the private and the public sector have

What Musical Theatre Can Teach Us About Business Strategy

Musical theatre actors are amazing strategists. The similarities between the types of strategic decisions by a single actor in a musical and someone running a large organization are striking. Those actors make strategic decisions every day and we can learn some very important lessons from them. Let me explain. Deliberate and Detailed This week, I

Digital Identity Needs User Experience

I have always wondered why we don’t have our driver’s licenses on our phones. Why do I have to carry my wallet still? Why can’t it be digital? We had the privilege of attending the Canadian Cybersecurity and Identity Expo 2019 this past year. The event brought together a fantastic group of people to talk

You’re Not Failing if You’re Learning

How “learn-fast” thinking can improve innovation and combat fear of failure “We’re a large organization. We can’t fail fast and break things!” It’s that type of statement I frequently encounter, so it was no surprise to hear it at a conference in Seattle where I spoke recently: “What if we changed the wording slightly and

Even Angels Need a Guiding Light

Make your innovation program more effective by training its governing team During a recent Lean Entrepreneurship CIO Event in Atlanta I was asked a fantastic question: “Did you have to train your Angel Team?” The “Angel Team” was our incubator’s governance board. The team was responsible for deciding which ideas entered the incubator and provided

Why Innovation Competitions Backfire

Understanding the evolution of breakthrough ideas can be the key to a successful innovation program.   Why do innovation competitions — aimed at delivering breakthrough ideas and improving morale and engagement — so often have the opposite impact; sometimes even causing the most innovative employees to leave? Often the reasons are clear. Favoritism, poorly defined

Determine the Problem

The first thing I focus on when deciding how to approach a client is what potential value I can bring to their area of responsibility. How can I help? I seek to understand the direction in which they wish to progress, what factors are important to them, what their objectives are, and where their potential

CCTT – Changing the Role of the Community College

I have always been a fan of the way that Quebec creates a level playing field for young people.  Regardless of one’s family circumstances, Quebecers go out of their way to give young people a chance at achieving their dreams. Having lived in and outside of Quebec, this attribute stands out more than any other,

What Wilderness Navigation Taught Me About Lean Transformation

Lean approaches drive benefits far beyond their profit-driven, private-sector roots I hear it often. “This lean and agile stuff is cool, but it’s not really applicable to me.” “We’re not a startup.” “We create programs, not products.” “We deliver government services.” “We’re a non-profit.” I have seen lean and agile approaches drive value in all

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