About Us

Changing the future of innovation-driven, customer-led technology experiences.

Becker-Carroll was founded by Gregory Natran and Bruce Levis, who grew the company by carefully selecting employees and associates who they knew to be subject matter experts in their respective domains, great team players, and possessing a desire to deliver high-quality deliverables.

Our Philosophy

The Becker-Carroll philosophy is based on understanding our clients’ situations and bringing a great team together to deliver the desired outcomes, specific to their unique requirements. We feel that at their core, digital transformation problems are related to:

  • not knowing who you are doing business with, and;
  • not having faith in the accuracy of the information that you are sharing with them.

The key characteristics of the people required to solve these problems are:

  • a proven track record for delivering, especially under difficult situations;
  • an ability to collaboratively formulate and clearly communicate creative solutions
  • competence in their area of specialty gained through hands-on experience

Converge Technology Solutions

We draw on the expertise of hundreds of leading technology experts located across North America. Together, we offer the best in cognitive, cloud, cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, and digital transformation solutions.

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