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Industries are as varied as our landscapes and we are proud to deliver high-value digital services to them all, from private to public to start-up. We have worked with government agencies including education and healthcare to help provide essential services that save lives, protect, and ensure that basic human needs are met. We have helped new businesses get off the ground and thrive by building digital environments that are designed specifically for their business and their business objectives. Regardless of the size, industry, or institution, our strategy is to empower both private and public sector organizations through technology. We do this by transforming environments to adopt, utilize, and manage technology. We are proud to deliver digital solutions to businesses, private enterprise, and government.

We work with:

The Government of Canada

Becker-Carroll’s professional service resources have extensive experience delivering solutions to all levels of the Canadian government, across multiple jurisdictions. We are acutely aware of the public sector’s unique position with regards to digital transformation projects and have an excellent track recording working both collaboratively and successfully in those environments. 

Standards Bodies

Becker-Carroll is an active and contributing member of industry-leading and pathfinding digital identity standards bodies such as The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada.


Becker-Carroll is often called upon by integrators to provide subject matter expertise in the areas of digital identity-driven service transformation.  Senior consultants of the company have played roles in some of the country’s largest digital identity projects while under contract with major integrators.

Technology Vendors

Becker-Carroll helps technology-focused vendors successfully deliver their solutions to all levels of government. Combining our project delivery, integration and change management expertise with a technology vendor’s core knowledge is a winning combination.


Becker-Carroll understands both the advantages and limitations associated with being a start-up. This knowledge has helped us develop a successful track record of working collaboratively with these innovators to deliver projects to all levels of government and align them with like–minded collaborators.


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