Real solutions create real results.

Our managing partners have been involved in information technology and information management for over twenty years. Their experience spans everything from start-ups to multi-national corporations, and they have seen many approaches to service transformation.

Our common-sense approach to digital transformation is to marry traditional information management, business analysis, and design thinking to advances in digital identity management. This ensures the delivery of effective services to known and trusted business partners and clients. Rather than providing a generic solution or siloed professional services that do not reflect your unique circumstances, our multi-disciplined team will develop a solution tailored to your context.

Lean Innovation and Strategy

Our lean innovation project modeling identifies the riskiest aspects of an idea so we can take action to de-risk it while treating idea incubation in a way that reduces waste and drives focus. By taking the original concept into a state of implementation readiness, we deliver solutions to what matters most to achieve business objectives and help solve difficult problems. The ability to provide training, executive communication, program analysis in-person, or through remote facilitation is advantageous, allowing for the efficient forming and communicating of prescriptive ideas and solutions.

Design Thinking and User Experience

At Becker-Carroll, we offer design thinking and user experience services to deliver and create solutions that provide meaningful and relevant experiences for our clients and in turn, their clients. Although not a linear process, design thinking is the core of user experience and service design at Becker-Carroll. Our design thinking approach further allows us to innovate and ideate, while validating all designs with user research. Through the entire design process of acquiring and integrating the product and services, the Becker-Carroll team provides end-to-end solutions and onboarding.

Development and Deployment

Becker-Carroll offers senior architecture and development resources to complement our digital transformation projects. Our experts in domains such as distributed ledger, identity and access management, and user interface development excel in all project phases; from ideation to final implementation and maintenance. Further, we offer resources that can manage these projects based using an agile approach.

Blockchain and Ecosystem Building

Current advances in digital transactions and interoperability have created an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to drive value by expanding their customer base and collaborating with other organizations. Blockchain-based trust ecosystems enable organizations of all sizes to improve relationships with key partners and expand their service delivery in a secure, reliable, trusted manner. At Becker-Carroll, we have helped large organizations and government agencies to achieve their business and program objectives by designing and delivering blockchain-based trust ecosystems.

Digital Identity Management

Digital identity is essential to moving relationships online and taking advantage of digital services. Digital identity tools and techniques verify and validate the identity of service providers and their clients, providing assurance that they are dealing with the right person or organization. Knowing who is at the other end of a connection, organizations can trust that they are providing the right services to the right person. Knowing who is at the other end of a connection, clients can trust their information is being sent to the correct recipient. Becker-Carroll’s broad knowledge of identity management and access control helps organizations move their digital transformation beyond low-risk, low-sensitivity relationships by helping them focus on what they need to know about others to identify them, be confident of their existence, and verify claims they make online.