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Our Promise

Becker-Carroll is a group of information and technical professionals committed to helping clients deliver trusted, high-value digital services.

Our managing partners have been involved in information technology and information management for over twenty years. Their experience spans everything from start-ups to multi-national corporations, and they have seen many approaches to service transformation. Under their direction, we are a growing company making strategic hires and partnerships to support a common-sense approach to successfully transforming simple analogue and online services into fulfilling digital service experiences.

Blockchain technologies are now front and center in our customer’s long-term digital transformation strategies, especially in the area of distributed digital identity management.  Our team is heavily involved in POCs, pilot projects, and even implementations of blockchain solutions.  Additionally, we have created Becker-Carroll Labs, a research and development infrastructure that includes a Hyperledger Indy implementation.  This provides our technologists, partners, and customers with the opportunity to test self-sovereign ID concepts.

20 Years Experience

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Vision & Ideation

    We can bring creative, brilliant, and experienced minds to help set a vision and direction for the organization to transform from analogue to digital or overcome complex circumstances where no path forward presents itself.

  • Strategy & Planning

    Our people have been senior advisors in public sector service transformation initiatives ranging in value from $100,000 to over $1B. We can assess the size and scope of an initiative and help set direction and get a grasp on things with everything from concept roadmaps to project planning.

  • Information Management

    The heavy lifting of successful digital transformation involves understanding the information and data involved, the people or organizations sharing it, and having confidence in the integrity of both. We pride ourselves in having a deep understanding of the core technology concepts that empower our customers: Master data management, enterprise information architecture, metadata analysis, schema design, and logical data models.

  • Digital Identity

    The ability to confirm the identity of people online is necessary to create privacy, security, and trust. Without this ability, users remain effectively anonymous and concerns about data breaches, legal and social liabilities, and financial loss persist. Our people have a broad knowledge of identity management and access control that enables digital transformation by focusing on what one organization must know about others to identify them, be confident of their existence, and verify claims they make.

  • Design & Development

    Digital transformation entails delivering exceptional experiences to users. Our service design and design thinking experts will help get to know the people and organizations you interact with and serving them accordingly. Our designers frequently work closely with our software engineers to develop and implement the technical components underpinning digital transformation initiatives.

How We Deliver

Our approach to digital transformation is to marry traditional information management, business analysis, and design thinking to advances in digital identity management. This ensures delivery of effective services to known and trusted business partners and clients. Rather than providing a generic solution or siloed professional services that do not reflect your unique circumstances, our multi-discipline team will develop a solution tailored to your context.

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